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About us

At 1:1 Swimming Lessons we believe in FUN

Our main goal is to provide FUN swimming lessons to all ages and abilities. Every lesson conducted is tailored to the individual swimmers’ needs and this ensures maximum progression.

Individual & Group Lessons

Tailored lessons to ensure maximum progression


  • Available for all ages and abilities from 2yrs +
  • Classes are tailored to the individuals needs
  • Teachers in 1:1 classes have the time to get to know you and provide lessons that suit you in the best possible way
  • Incredibly fast progress
  • Boost water confidence


  • Available for swimmers of similar age/ability
  • Focused and tailored to the individual much like a 1:1
  • Additional support of second swimmer
  • Encouragement and peer teaching between each other
  • Healthy competition can build confidence


  • Grouped on age and ability to ensure maximum progression
  • 3:1 classes are the largest class size we offer
  • Support from peers
  • Personalised and direct learning
  • Fast progress with less distractions